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Trump Operator






Produce a variety of parts, all of which must meet the dimensional specifications of the mechanical engineered drawing.

Operator CNC Trump
Quality of work
Ensure safety standards are met

The main function of the job will include, but are not limited to the following:
Operator CNC Trump.
The Operator will be responsible for the following CNC Trump
1.1.1. Operate the CNC T1000/500R punching machine used in the production process.
1.1.2. Select proper die clearance based on material requirements for jobs.
1.1.3. Set up of tooling, load programs and set machine parameters to ensure optimal performance
of the equipment.
1.1.4. Determine condition of tools and point of re-sharpening.
1.1.5. Notify supervisor if tooling needs to be sharpened a day in advance.
1.1.6. Always Keep work area and tooling station clean and organised.
1.1.7. Work with team members to maximize productivity and efficiency.
1.1.8. Communicate-walk around the floor and make sure that product is flowing and no hold
up from the CNC machines due to more than one component being punched.
1.1.9. Prepare component and pack neatly to be moved to next station when ready.
1.1.10. Pull raw materials up to 60kgs onto machine.
1.1.11. Physically and mentally be able to clear jams and errors on the CNC punch machine.
1.1.12. Ensure there is enough materials to produce the planned work.
1.1.13. Ensure to use the correct programming and tooling.
1.1.14. If production falls behind report to supervisor
1.1.15. Recommend measures to improve production methods-equipment perforce and quality of
1.1.16. Maintaining of machine includes blow out systems and washing of machine.
1.1.17. Housekeeping must be done daily.
1.1.18. Report any machine or operator faults to supervisor if cannot resolve it within a
reasonable time.
1.1.19. Rejects to be recorded on root card at all times with a reason.
1.1.20. Use proper principles to ensure that maximize punch time with component removals.
1.1.21. Manage material that is being used does it correspond to the material that is needed on
the drawing.
1.1.22. Record all quantities of units produced for the day on root card.
1.1.23. Tool checklist must be done on the 1st of every month to ensure the machine does not run
short of any tooling.
1.1.24. Keep all job information of the current job together and on the job board until complete.
Quality of Work
The Trump Operator is responsible for the following quality control measures
Perform random tests to ensure accuracy.
Inspect parts with precision and measuring tools.
Report quality issues that might occur during the shift to the production manager.
Keep records of defective units.
Defective units must be removed and placed on a pallet for further inspection.
Maintain and clean machines before and after each shift.
1.2.7 Manage a great level of attention to detail on given task and targets.
Ensure safety standards are met
The Trump Operator is responsible for the following safety measures
Always wear his/her protective clothing.
Ensure the machine is set up correctly before production starts.
If there is an accident report immediately to the First Aider/health and safety reps
Shut down the machine and report any other safety concerns immediately to the production manager
Uphold all International Standards Organization ISO.
1.3.6 No machine to be running if no operator is present especially on the 500R.

A list of the basic requirements for this position
Matric Certificate and/or
Sufficient experience in a similar capacity

Experience of working in a factory environment is essential

Analyse plans, blue prints or drawings to determine work requirements, sequence of cutting assignments and help others on the operation
High aptitude in adapting to other machines, having been grounded on machine technologies
Ability to work under pressure of targets and still maintain quality output
Remarkable ability to work with very minimal supervision
A knack for machine repairs which always come handy from time to time
Strong ability to carry others along and share vital knowledge to the team
In-depth knowledge of safety procedures working with machines
Exceptional cleanliness in place of work

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